Have a project? Contact Us Today.

Have a project? Contact Us Today.

At Jersen Construction, safety is our top priority. Every project from a small renovation to large commercial construction and concrete projects are held to our strict safety standards and meet all Federal, State and OSHA  safety regulations.

From our large commercial construction job sites to concrete projects, renovations, and industrial work, our company provides the safety training to ensure safe working conditions for our employees and subcontractors. Our experience in clean technology, industrial, mechanical, educational and medical construction ensures we have the training and expertise to complete even the most complicated jobs with efficiency, while keeping safety our number one goal.

Check out our Testimonials Page to see how our work with satisfied clients has earned us the reputation as one of the safest construction companies in the Capital Region.

Have a project? Contact us today to see how we can put our many strengths to work for you.

John Keaveney, Safety Director

Mr. Keaveney is an accomplished and diversified professional with over twenty-four years of recognized success in corporate health, safety and risk management, with practical experience across all genres of the construction industry.

Mr. Keaveney has expertise in leading design, implementation, and management of human and technical safety to eliminate workplace hazards and achieve corporate objectives.

A superb leader, Mr. Keaveney is adept at managing team metrics and building consensus among corporate management and client partners, with a solid reputation within the industry and beyond.

In addition to just completing a stint as the Project Safety Manager of the 3.4 billion GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Semiconductor Project in Malta, NY, Mr. Keaveney has extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Life Science Industries.

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