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Have a project? Contact Us Today.

4 Steps to Jersen Project Services

Jersen Construction Group has successfully managed and executed a multitude of projects since its inception in 1983. Over the years, our Project Managers have developed a system of Best Known Methods that guide every aspect of our projects. By listening to our clients and working together to plan projects, creating a procurement strategy, working to determine the most effective execution plan and documenting important lessons learned at every phase of a project, we have arrived at what we believe are the 4 keys to project success:

1. Plan

When planning a project, we always ensure that our clients’ needs are met. We conduct creative brainstorming meetings and adhere to strict project controls related to scheduling and budgeting.

2. Procure

At Jersen we manage the delivery, storage, and installation of critical materials. Jersen Construction Group also develops strategic relationships that enable cost-effective materials procurement. We believe in a proven and systematic approach; Jersen pre-purchases materials and manages them efficiently to save time and money.

3. Flawless Execution

Jersen Construction Group teams are able to execute flawlessly because:

  • We employ high-quality people with an uncompromising commitment to our clients
  • We leverage technology
  • We engage specialized talent who are experts in their given field
  • We adhere to strict Project Controls
  • We save our clients money and time due to planning

4. Lessons Learned

Our Project Teams are careful and mindful to document lessons learned in real-time throughout each phase of a project, not after the fact. Our Lessons Learned are captured in a searchable database that can be accessed by all Project Teams to help them be more efficient. Project Managers focus not only on items that will improve efficiency for our own teams, but lessons learned are also client-focused  – helping us to continually improve and implement best practices for all of our clients.

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