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Have a project? Contact Us Today.

Have a project? Contact Us Today.

Relationship Building

A typical commercial project may involve several years in design and construction-that’s a lot of time spent with your contractor. This long-term relationship is a commitment that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Choosing a firm whose contractors make you feel comfortable, listen to your needs, and are responsive to what drives your organization is paramount. 

Communication between firm members at Jersen Construction Management is continuous, but staff interaction is just the beginning. We take pride in making ourselves available to our clients, as we commonly schedule on-site face-to-face meetings to expedite problem solving and ensure an exceptional project outcome. These meetings foster a strong sense of trust and mutual respect for peace of mind and successful project outcomes.  At Jersen Construction Management, the projects we undertake are just as important as the people who put their faith in us to get the job done right.


A contractor should never gain new project experience on your dime. Underwriting the learning curve of a firm that has never designed a facility of the same building type as your own can be a costly and unnecessary expense. Jersen Construction Management can show recent, relevant experience with regard to any project type. The knowledge and experience of our construction management staff is both broad and unsurpassed.


The contractor you select should be in the business of providing services that you specifically require. Jersen Construction Management offers more services under one umbrella, streamlining the project for everyone. This single-source approach adds a level of coordination and cohesiveness that you just can’t find when you enlist multiple service organizations to handle your project. In addition, our principal remains involved with each project from inception to completion – a standard that demonstrates our commitment to excellence.


It is important that your construction management firm demonstrates how your project will be accomplished, on budget and on time – how the work will be scheduled internally, to best meet your needs. At Jersen Construction Management, we offer a commitment to service and project approach that is congruent with most any organization’s style of working and corporate philosophies. When you choose Jersen Construction Management, you choose the perfect complement to your team.

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